Product Care

Product care




Plated jewellery has a thin layer of precious metal on another solid metal which can rub off with constant contact with your skin. Continual exposure to sweat, water, perfumes, and chemicals present in the toiletries can tarnish the plated jewellery. To elongate the life of your plated jewellery, just follow these simple care instructions,


Always take your plated jewellery off before sleeping to avoid constant friction created when it rubs against your skin.

Keep your jewellery dry. If your plated jewellery gets wet then immediately wipe it with a paper towel.

Avoid letting your jewellery coming in contacts with chemicals like chlorine, nail polish remover, soaps, or perfumes as it can destroy the metal coating.

Take your jewellery off before any tough physical activity to keep it away from your sweat.

Store all your jewellery in individual plastic bags to avoid tarnishing and removal of the thin plated layer due to rubbing and scratching.




The way to ensure durability of your silver jewellery is to make sure to wear them quite often, as it starts to tarnish quickly when it’s frequently exposed to oxygen and sulphur and the oil on your skin prevents it from tarnishing. When it comes to storing silver jewellery, make sure to keep it in airtight bags and slip in a piece of chalk if possible. If you have to clean silver, use a jewellery polishing cloth instead of a harsh tool like a toothbrush since silver is quite soft.


Calfskin/Snakeskin/Alligator Skin


Leather is one of the most natural and versatile materials in the world. It’s got the potential to last for years, looks great when done right, and offers a wealth of benefits – from protection, to style, to comfort, and more . You may own a type of leather that doesn’t come from a fully-grown cow. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to treat it differently. In fact, most alternative leathers (though there may be exceptions) can go through pretty much the same care processes as cowhide. The one thing you’ll want to be sure of, however, is that – when using product like conditioners or oils – you should make sure the product you use is appropriate for the type of leather.



Do not wash products in a washing machine, either it is pile fabric or it is leather. Use dry-cleaning only.