The fact that you came onto this page means you’d like to know a little more about me and my brand, so… welcome! My name is Pito Seturi and I am from Tbilisi, Georgia. I graduated Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and I got a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. I changed my profession many times over the years but I always knew that becoming a designer was my end goal that I wanted to achieve. I’m a professional tattoo artist for 6 years already. I would have never imagined becoming tattoo artists but nevertheless I believed in myself and my skills that I developed as a person over the years, and I made it. So here I am now, on a new chapter of my life as a designer. I think that, I, as a human can make magic and materialize all my fantasies. As an Art Director I would say that my resources come from the reality of my life and all that I have been through and where I came from. The brand is extremely fresh but a very professional team, who’s goals match but also differ, make this brand what it is and will become in the future. Our team does It’s best in order to achieve the highest quality products. The brand’s main orientation is jewellery and accessories, however, I focus on making different products within the brand, so that we are able to share unique perspectives with our target audience.